Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial
Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial

Xiaomi Mi Air Purifier Filter Antibacterial

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  • It can kill the bacteria
  • Quadruple purification effect, effectively purifies the air
  • Intercept the large particles
  • Antibacterial layer
  • High efficiency filter material
  • High quality activated carbon

About filter

  • Antibacterial rate is up to 99%
  • Effectively filter PM2.5 particles
  • The activated carbon can absorb methanal
  • Compatible with all Xiaomi Air Purifiers! Mi Air Purifier 2 / 2S / 2H / 3H / Pro - all of them


It can kill the bacteria

Our product contains high-efficiency filter material, which can effectively intercept and kill bacteria, mycete and mites.

First, it intercepts the bacteria, second, it habits the nutrient to the bacteria and the third the bacteria are killed.


The filter surface is magnifield 65 times

Hight-efficiency filter material - it adopt TORAY high-end filter to lower the wind resistance

Hight-quality activated carbon - methanal, odor and pollutant - the activated carbon has brilliant absorption ability


Antibacterial performance is brilliant

You can use this filter for 1 year, but we suggest, it should be replaced every 3-6 months. With the increase of using time, the filter and the activated carbon will absorb particles and chemical substance, which can cause secondary contamination. Our APP will remind you when the filter needs to be replaced