Mi Induction Cooker Set (with cooking pot)
Mi Induction Cooker Set (with cooking pot)

Mi Induction Cooker Set (with cooking pot)

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Xiaomi Mijia Mi Induction Cooker - Smart induction cooker for your home. Power 2100 W, accurate temperature control through 99 flame levels, stable heating, 5 different cooking modes, non-slip surface design.


Cooking is an essential part of our lives and every household. In order for you to do this, it is not just a necessity but a joy, Xiaomi comes with its induction cooker Xiaomi Mijia Mi Induction Cooker. This is another addition to the Xiaomi family of smart appliances, which will make cooking a modern and efficient process. Made in traditional white ink with black ink. On the front, you will find a knob that is used to control and display cooking information at the same time.


Exact temperature 

The unit has 2100 watts of power. It is divided into 99 different flame levels to achieve truly accurate temperature control. This makes it possible to set the cooking temperature according to your needs and the requirements of the raw materials you are working with.

Stable heating

Classical induction cookers solve the problem of intermittent heating of the coil, ie unstable temperature. This leads to imperfections that affect the prepared dish. In order to prevent this problem, Xiaomi has equipped its dual-frequency heating stove with heating technology to maintain the coil's constant temperature. Thanks to this technology, you will not notice the difference between cooking on a traditional stove.

Magic knob and 5 different cooking modes

Press the knob on the front to turn on the plate and turn to adjust the power. In addition, there is an LED display. It displays different information such as temperature, setting, time, etc. Select also one of five specially preset cooking modes, including steam, soup or frying.


The plate uses a special silicone ring construction on the edge of the surface and anti-slip surface of the plate, this combination prevents unwanted movement of the dishes outside the cooker surface. The probe located in the middle of the plate is in direct contact with the bottom of the pot, which results in the most accurate heat measurement. The compact dimensions of the cooker (265 x 265 x 70 mm) allow you to multiply, for example when travelling.



- Induct Cooker Xiaomi Mijia Mi Induct Cooker in white

- Instructions in electronic form on the web